The Future

By: Leeyafira Bt. Huzaizhar

“Final destination 4 in cinema, get your tickets now!”
Posters, colourful billboards with catchy phrases are used to promote the latest movies, a way in fishing for customers.
Dear readers,
A few days back, I went out for a movie with a few close friends. The movie however wasn’t as good as the trailer which got me wondering; can a film be good even if it is not popular? The quality of a movie does not depend fully on its popularity. We, as viewers had always been deceived by the true meaning of a good movie. This is due to the publicity, big promotion as well as famous starring actors and actresses in the movie. Therefore, the quality of a film is not judged fairly.
I personally believe that a film can be good although it is not popular. I, myself, have come across a movie entitled ‘Finding Forrester’ which I think was a brilliant movie but sadly, it was not well-known. Finding Forrester is a 2000 movie, written by Mike Rich and directed by Gus Van Sant, about a teenager, Jamal Wallace, played by Rob Brown, who is accepted into a prestigious private high school. He also befriends a reclusive writer, William Forrester, played by Sean Connery. Jamal Wallace is an inner-city kid from the Bronx who has an aptness at basketball and a genius at writing. Befriended by fellow student Claire and helped along by Pulitzer-prize winning author and recluse William Forrester, Jamal pursues his dreams both on and off the court while overcoming obstacles placed by his bitter literature teacher. As Jamal is shaped by Forrester, he finds that he is changing the old writer as well, forcing him to confront his past and his future.
However, this movie was not really the cup of tea for most teens today. My friends commented that they were not attracted to watch it because of the theme of the movie was not about love or romance which is the popular genre for most movies that have been hitting the box office...