The Future of Managment

Discussion: Final Projects, Models, and the Future of Management

This Discussion is based on the research and analysis you did for the Final Project in addition to the two articles in the Day 1 Readings that introduce you to two new management models: global leadership and transformational leadership.

Post Day 3, a few paragraphs explaining some of the insights you gained about management in general and management models while completing the Final Project. Then explain how the two management models presented this week—global leadership and transformational leadership—relate to your Final Project topic and the future of management.

Respond by Day 5 to at least two of your colleagues’ postings by offering additional insight or a different perspective on management or connections between their models and your Final Project.

Future of Management
Jason Hilbert Brotherton
Walden University
      There were two insights that I gained about management during the course and while working on the final project.   The first insight is that management is fast paced and changing with the times.   Decades ago, virtual and dispersed teams where not widely used but in order to keep pace with the economic times, changes to management and the work structure needed to occur.   Ocker, Huang, Benbunan-Fich, & Hiltz (2011) supports changes to management and work structure by stating “advancements in information and communication technologies and motivated by the need to remain competitive in a global economy, distributed teams are increasingly common across industries” (p.274).   The second insight is that capitalism, as it is practiced in the United States, must change in order to remain relevant in today’s global economy.   The current capitalism model has been in place for decades with very little change.   The United States seems to be headed towards a state-capitalism model with health care reform and education reform but additional effort needs to be placed in the business...