The French Revolutiom

Life for the third estate before the revolution was very hard work and tiring, they had hardly and money and worked all day everyday. Each family had a very small amount of land and had to grow crops for food for them and to pay the taxes. The third estate were poor and defenceless, they felt that they couldn’t do anything about the way that they were treated.

The third estate were looked down on by the other estates and had to pay more taxes to the king, the lords and the church even though they were very poor. They had to pay all sorts of taxes that mostly went to the king, the king and his wife the Queen spent the money on their own luxuries and on ‘fighting costly wars’ says the King.

The Estates were made up of three different ‘sections’ of people, 1st estate Clergy, 2nd estate Noble and the 3rd estate were everybody else, also known as peasants. The first and second estates thought that they were so
                                                much more powerful than the third estate, and
                                                actually they were. But it shouldn’t have meant that
                                                they had to pay taxes to them and the King too.
                                                The peasants were treated horribly by the other
                                                estates and should have had more respect than
                                                they were given. Peasants were forced to do military service and weren’t allowed to hunt or fish on the second and first estates land. They had to use the lord’s oven and winepress; they also had to pay for them. The Kind ruled absolutely, meaning that he had complete rule over France, the third estate thought that he was unfit to be a King. But nobody dared say anything, because they knew they would get in trouble.

The people had finally had enough of the amount of respect that they were being given by...