The Four Contemporary Approaches to Management and Their Relations to the Environments

The four contemporary approaches to management and their relations to the environments

Before going through the four contemporary approaches to management, there is a need to understand what a management process is and how it works. Management is the process of reaching organizational goals by working with people and other organizational resources. It involves and concentrates on organizational goals, and is the series of continuing and related activities prepared with and through people and resources. There are four different contemporary approaches to management and in the following is the definitions of each, differences between them and comparison of their relations to their environments.
The four contemporary approaches are: Socio technical theory - Quantitative management – Organizational behavior – Systems theory.
According to McGraw-Hill, Socio technical theory is dealing with the human side of things. A proper combination of workers and their knowledge, training and tools can lead to effectiveness in satisfying customers (Chapter 2, 2013). The employees are trained directly with proper tools, and this allows employees to correct mistakes or problems on early stages of process.
Based on McGraw-Hill on his book, Quantitative management applies mathematical approaches to managerial problems. It helps management makes a decision by developing formal mathematical models of the problem like linear programming, simulation, forecasting and etc (Chapter 2, 2013). Therefore its emphasis and decisions made of mathematical or statistical analysis.
Organizational behavior has its roots in the human relations approach (McGraw-Hill, Chapter 2, 2013). Theorists started to focus more on management activities that encouraged employee effectiveness by exploring individual, group and organizational processes and it is based on sociology, psychology and anthropology.
As McGraw-Hill mentioned on his book, Systems theory depends on inputs from outside world. It is...