The Forgotten Group Member

DeVry University
Pomona, California

Jim Smith

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirements for
Leadership and Organization Behavior
Professor Horton

May 22, 2011

Group Development
This type of grouping is unique in that they are usually of short duration and do not normally go through all the dynamic stages of group formation, short term project groups if effectively managed will form norm and perform.   This dynamic take a strong leader who can focus a group on a specific project with a specific short term goal.   It is imperative that the leader ensures the group is onboard and ready to face the challenge at the very first meeting, there may not be another opportunity to make this important assessment.   During this initial assessment the group dynamics need to be assessed, what are the expectations of the group, does any member have a particularly difficult scheduled, what are the team strengths and talents and how do we best utilize those talents, how are we going to structure the project, and when and how will we meet to move the project along.   In this case Christine has failed to make the required assessment of Mike’s ability to focus his attention on the project and by doing so she has placed the entire groups mark on the line.
Problem Identification
This is where Christine truly dropped the ball.   A thorough assessment of the group dynamic would have given Mike a chance to express that he has a very heavy work load.   When he missed the first meeting that would have been scheduled around his work load as this was a team limiting factor, Christine should have immediately confronted him to determine what additional factors were affecting his ability to meet group expectations.   This would have brought his personal issues to the fore front and his commitment to the group could have been addressed at that point, if his abilities...