The Flying Fur Ball

The Flying Fur Ball
Written by Anonymous
The weather had been very sunny and warm. Snow the cat loved it when the sun was warm, he felt lazy and he would stretch out in the sheltered corner of the garden. It was a lovely spot where no other cat would disturb him. Today was no different, he had been snoozing and enjoying the peace and quietness and letting the world go by.
Suddenly it was all gone, the dog from the garden next door started barking and Snow heard something running very fast, the next thing something furry landed on top of him. He got a huge fright and he was not able to move. He just laid very still and slowly opened his eyes. He saw a much shaken young cat shivering in front of him.

Snow jumped up and the young cat that had come over the wall just stayer very still. Now he was looking at ball of fur that had come over the wall, and he was not sure if he should say anything. He thought for a few moments and said “are you all hurt”?
The ball of fur stopped shivering and opened her eyes and looked at Snow with wide frightened eyes and them a very small voice said “I am sorry for landing on you; I hope I didn’t frighten you”
Snow said “I was just sleeping and he got a shock, but I am all right, I sleep here every day and no one even know about it, so I am never disturbed so it was a great shock to have you land on me”.
Axie was the fur ball name and she was on holiday with her owner for the summer. The family who lived next door were great friend with her owner. They are lovely people but the have a dog who hates cats. Axie said she had picked a quite place where she thought the dog would not find her but he did and he wanted to chase her around the garden.  
She was very frightened and she just ran for her life, the more she ran the more the nasty dog enjoyed tormenting her. She saw a wall at the side of the garden but thought it was a bit hight. The next time she was near it she decided she was going to do her best to get over it, she...