The Finished Products of Coal Briquette Machine Are Attractive

The coal briquette machine is also called coal briquetting machine which has been used to increase the particle size of and bulk densities of materials to improve their handling. In a roll press briquetter, material is densified by compression between two main counter-rotating rolls. The roll surfaces have pockets to form briquettes of desired size and shape when the material passes between the rolls. This coal briquette machine is widely used in coal industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry etc.

The development of our coal briquette machine started relatively late, while the developed countries of west Europe have screened the coals once they get to the ground, making the pulverized coal into ball. As a result, we cannot see any pulverized coal in the process of circulation at all. According to the development of China's economy and environment protection, cleaning coal technology must be vigorously developed in our country. Features of coal briquette machine include energy conservation, pollution abatement and high economic benefits with small investments, which makes the good foundation and development direction for its wide promotion. With advantages of advanced technology, reliable quality, multiple function and strong pressure, Fote Machinery's coal briquette machines are suitable for large, medium and small enterprises. Our company has designed and manufactured many different types of briquette machines for customers to choose according to their requirement.
The first importance shall be attached to driving force of coal briquette machine. On the one hand motors of coal briquette machine shall never be equipped with aluminum wires and cables, and on the other, motor power should not remain insufficient. Otherwise, briquetting density will be affected. Second, castings weight is another factor for the charcoal briquette machine, with the thickness of them up to 50mm and the holistic weight not less than 300kg.
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