The Film

The film I am reviewing today is called ‘the spy next door’. The main character of this film is called Bob Ho aqa Jackie Chan. In this film bob is a secret disgusted spy as a pen maker but is working for the CSI. Bob has only one mission left before he retires and goes and lives a normal life with his new girlfriend and her three children. He captures the evil villain who is trying to get rid of all the oil supply in the world by making a chemical that eats oil. But while the villain is getting transported into prison he escapes. Bob has left the CSI and therefore says it is not his problem.
Bob takes care of his girlfriends Gillian children while she is called out of town. Bob see this as a chance to prove himself as being a good farther to the children because the children think he is boring and doesn’t have a life. While bob takes on the challenges that the kid though at him, Ian the 2nd oldest child downloads a secret CSI file on his mp3 that tells the Russian Terrorist the whereabouts of bob.
The Russian decide to give bob a visit and try to kill him, luckily he gets away with the children but his secret comes out.   The oldest child tells her mom that has gone out of town that his a spy and this causes their relationship to fall apart. Gillian and her children decides to leave bob as she does not understand that he has already retired, to live a normal life with her. All the children felt sorry for bob and started to like him as he was a spy but Gillian was not impressed.
Bob goes to the Russian secret hide out to sort things out but gets captured as the villain captured ian. They are placed on two chairs while they are questioned on whereabouts of the file. Bob doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about but Ian does and therefore tells them the file is in his mp3 at home. The Russian terrorist rush to his house but luckily bob uses one of his gadgets and gets there before the villain. Bob quickly explains to Gillian that they are coming and they hide...