The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars
By Sinia Caceres
The fault in our stars,
Like a continuous constellation.
Sometimes we need a smile,
Or a strong medication.
Other times we need somebody to give us love and affection.

Life isn't always fair,
Sometimes you get worried and have nightmares.
Sometimes you drown in your own tears,
When you run out of rain.
other times you're clueless and have a blank stare.

We go from bad to worse,
But worse is for the better.
Sometimes we want to know what it means,
But we have that missing letter.

Life just expects you to find,
What you know you haven't lost.
But in the end it's priceless,
And life don’t cost a thing.

Why do you have a full smoke,
When you said just one toke.
Why does it feel like you're dreaming,
When in reality you're woke.
Why is it that I’m still trying,
When you take my advice like I’m some random folk.
My poem talks about Hazel and Augustus, and how they saw life from their point of view. I thought that their relationship was very interesting. My reason is because the both knew what having cancer was like. Even though they were not able to do the things they would enjoy to do they still had a good time. It seemed like hazel overall was just not comfortable with the way she lived.

I kind of understand though because who would be comfortable in their own body when they know they have cancer. It sucks the way they eat, the way they carry themselves, even the way people look at them just reminds them of that terrible decease. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone not even if I hated them a lot. Cancer to me is like giving someone the death penalty; I don’t think anyone deserves it. I think it's a good thing that even though Augustus knew the cancer could get him again, he lived life as if it was his last day. I really enjoyed his attitude. Isaac on the other hand wasn’t so thrilled about much.

When Monica broke up with Isaac I thought that was harsh. Breaking up with him right before he had...