The Farmer and Daisy

Mr. Bickley
Philosophy 100

I think that there are many ways you can look at this. I do think that the farmer could have seen the Daisy and couldn't of. I also do think that the dairyman could've seen Daisy but also have been mistaken. It is possible for the farmer to have seen Daisy because he was looking in the distance and saw what he believed to be her. He thought that because he saw black and white. The dairyman believes he saw her because he said he saw her happily grazing in the field. He also saw her behind the bush. I don't think his eyesight is poor, but he also did not touch the cow so I don't know for sure if he really did see Daisy.
The farmer believes that when he went to go look to see if his cow was there that she was because he saw black and white in the distance. I partially agree with that. Cows are black and white. We haven't known them to be anything else. If the farmer is saying that he can see his cow in the distance because he sees something black and white it would only make sense to believe that he sees the cow. Unless it was a different animal in his field that was black and white. Let's remember that Daisy is Farmer Field's prize cow. He could have just seen what he wanted to see. There are many animals on a farmer's field. It is possible that there could have been another animal walking around. Now, it says that he saw the cow, or the other animal, standing by a tree. That may be true. I do believe that it was possible for something to be there. But the farmer did not go out into the field and go up to Daisy personally. Later on in the story it does say that the dairyman found the cow behind a bush.
The dairyman states that when he went to go look out in the field for the first time, that he saw the cow happily grazing in the field. He did not give any evidence to back that up, he just simply said that he saw it out there. I do believe that he could have seen the cow, depending on the distance. How far was the cow in the...