The Fall of Rome

The biggest part of Roman history was the Fall of Rome. It first began in 255 CE. From that time-235 CE to 285 CE- there were twenty- two Roman emperors. Out of these twenty-two men only one died a natural death. The other twenty-one men were assassinated- not by the common people but people who craved power. This might have sent the message of an unstable empire, it was not safe, and it was an easy place to invade. As that is said, Rome was invaded- by people who were migrating. Six different groups invaded the Roman Empire- the Vandals, Visigoths, Huns, Ostrogoths, Saxons, and Angles. 

Priscus- a 5th century Roman diplomat- reported a conversation with a former Roman citizen who had been conquered by the Huns. This Roman citizen was happy that he was conquered. That being because Rome was unfair. If you wanted justice you had to be an upperclassmen. A wealthy man- a law breaker- did not have to pay for his actions. A poor man had to go through legal penalty. 

In the year 336 CE, Rome was shook by a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami. The coasts of Sicily were flooded. More than fifty thousand people died during the flood. This was a problem because there was less people to join the army. Since there were less people willing to enter the army they created a draft. A draft is when you are forced into a military. 

Before the year 400 CE the roman footsoldiers had to wear breastplates and helmets. Some time after, the government thought that the daily ground drills were not needed, so they abandoned them. Since the drills were not mandatory the soldiers did not wear their armor- which led them to be too weak to wear the armor. They asked the emperor for permission to not wear it, which the emperor gave permission to. When it came time to fight the goths they were unprotected and easily defeated. Even after the mass death,no one gave the soldiers armor to protect themselves.

In my opinion, the cause of the fall of Rome was the lack of superiority and...