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Born on December 30th, 1975, Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods was born in Cypress, California. At the age of one, Tiger was getting lessons by his father, Earl Woods. Eldrick’s middle name wasn’t Tiger, it was Tont but Earl gave Eldrick the nickname/middle name ‘Tiger’ after the early days when Earl was in the army, a friend and solider, Vuong Dang Phong, as well gave him the nick name of ‘Tiger’. When Eldrick was very young he knew he wanted to be a golfer. After Earl would hit golf balls, Eldrick would try to emulate his father’s swing in his crib. Barley at age two, ‘Tiger’ played with Bob Hope on golf show, the Mike Douglas Show. At the age of five, Eldrick played nine holes and shot an amazing forty-eight at one the courses in hometown. At the “Optimist International Junior” his winning ways began.   Eldrick won six times that the junior at the ages of 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 &15. In 1992, when Tiger was 16, he went to his first Professional golf tournament and in 1996 he went from a nonprofessional player to a professional player. In 1997, when Eldrick was 21, he turned Pro and Nike and Titleist already wanted him to sign endorsement deals worth 60 million dollars. Through eight events, Tiger won his first million dollars. Also in 1997, Tiger played his first major win, setting a new record of 12 strokes, in the Master’s Tournament. At just his 42ed week of being a Pro he was rated number one player in the world. A year later, in 1998, he focused more than ever. He worked more on his swing than thinking about winning. After four years of being a pro Tiger when to the U.S. open and became the all-time tour s          

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