The Essay

From William H. Seward
“The Irrepressible Conflict” (1858)

      Today we have two radically different systems that exist is our country; the slave owners and the freeman believers. We have one system that is based on slave labor and the other system on voluntary labor. The slave system is not only ignorant, unjust and inhuman towards the people doing the labor but rather weight of bad feeling on the shoulders of all white’s weather they have slaves or not. Our communities will either flourish or droop based on the justice that they practice on their own humanity. Our free labor system is devoted or in agreement with the law of equality. It educates all the say way, and it opens the doors to opportunities in industrial employment regardless of what class they come from.   The two systems we have in place today are not compatible with each other. We cannot be united as a nation and have two different systems or two different definitions of equality. Never have they existed in one country and they never will. With that said and done we have to acknowledge that our population is increasing. We are building roads, highways, and railroads connected us with each other. The daily interactions that happen due to commerce only bring us closer together. It is slowly but surely bring the states closer into a one nation under one voice. You can clearly see that these two systems, slavery and anti-slavery are coming together and therefore they cannot co-exist and eventually they will collide. This collision would mean that the United Stations soon or later will either have to accept itself as a slave holding nation or entirely free-labor nation.

As William Seward mentioned the states are slowly but surely coming closer together. The relationship between states is growing very strong due to commerce. Even the American people are now somewhat divided over slavery they all share the same values and dreams. This document has a very major importance in the history because it...