The Environment in Danger

Saving the Ticking Bomb that is our Environment

As many other things in our life, we take the environment for granted. We spend our everyday life without a single care that something could happen to it. But it is our constant mistreat of it that’s leading to its destruction. Indeed, the environment is dying in front of our eyes, and it is our duty to save it before it’s too late. If you cannot think of simple ways to help it, here are some good, easy-to-do examples that you can follow.

First, we can recycle. Even if it sounds rather obvious, many are unaware of the incredible benefits of recycling materials. For example, just by recycling paper we are already saving trees. Also by manufacturing with recycled materials we can save energy and water in our planet and produce less air pollution, which is another factor that’s destroying our environment. We can also recycle glass, which takes nearly a million years to break down if it’s sent to a landfill. By recycling glass we can re-use it in a matter of just 30 days; convenient and harmless to the environment. Another material that we can easily recycle is plastic. By recycling plastic we can save our resources of materials like fossil fuel, and also prevent the accumulation of waste in landfills, especially since plastic is very durable and breaks down really slowly

A second way to help our environment is planting trees. Some of its benefits are commonly known by everyone, like the fact that they absorb CO2 and in return produce O2 for us, or provide the living habitat for birds or other animal life forms. However, they also serve other purposes we are not aware of, most of the time. For example, trees can reduce the levels of erosion in the ground by breaking the fall of the rain. They can also reduce urban water runoff; it’s been reported that 100 trees can reduce runoff by 100,000 gallons. Another benefit of planting trees is that they can save water when planted near lawns, since their shade can slow...