The Enlargement of Wealth Gap in China

The enlargement of Wealth Gap in China
--observe it from the phenomenon of China's poor second-generation

1. Introduction:

Nowadays, there is a special phenomenon in China called "Second general", which means the second general having the similar social status as their parents. There are rich second-generation, poor second-generation, and the second-generation of country's leaders. They all touch off extensive argument in China. In this assay, I will focus on the introduction of Poor and Rich Second-generation.

In 2009, a rich university student named HU Bin dragged racing in urban area, knocking a graduate to dead. He did not feel sorry but even wanted gloss things over using money. A similar case happened in Sichuan, a rich second-generation drove Hummer while drunk, and then caused series of five car collision, killing one person and hurting five persons. However, some days later, this rich second-generation guy dragged racing in the urban areas again. Together with some exaggerate actions of a few rich second –generation showing their wealth, these misconducts cause widely criticism to the rich second-generation in society, while the high ability and moral standard of most rich second-generation are ignored.
Main Body
----Analysis of the phenomenon of poor second-generation--focus on the aspect of Wealth Gap in China
It is true that there are huge gap between the poor and rich second-generation. When the rich second generation have excellent housing conditions, their peers who are poor have to worry about the accommodations, even a capsule hotel will make them race to get. The life condition and opportunities to achieving dreams are various as well. While rich second generation can get best education, get access to highest technology, and have numerous options to gain life experiences, the poor second generation have to struggle by themselves to stand out in normal education, some of whom even have to give up further education considering the...