The End of Time

Holiday homework
4.1 – Questions 1,4,6,7
1.   The component of employee well-being in a business is known as the human resources.
4. Organizational objectives outline what the organization wants to achieve. Employees are the human resources used to achieve those objectives, this is the link between HR and organizational objectives.
6. A human resource manager could have avoided this situation by ensuring that the right employees are matched with the right task or by offering training to inexperienced staff.

4.2 – Questions 1,2,5
1. Employee expectation is the idea employees want challenging work, with greater responsibility while also receiving a balance between work and life.
2. A organization that meets all their employees’ expectations is referred to as the employee of choice.
5. A) The human resource manager is not meeting his employees standards because he is not providing a suitable working environment.
B) His autocratic way mentoring staff does not get the best out of his employees
C) He did not receive any constructive criticism for why he got fired.
D) He is a sexist employer who is also discriminating against his female staff.

What is workplace diversity?
This refers to the differences between employees in an organization. EG race, gender, ethic group, age or disabilities.

4.3 – Questions 1,2,3
1. An example of condition of employment would be on the hours an employee is expected to work. An example of a condition that an organization is not obligated to give to its employees is the idea of flexible working hours.
A) Flexible working hours help employees as it allows for them to have a balance between work and life. This is beneficial because they can stay focused on working instead of rushing to get home.
B) The employer will benefit from flexible working hours because they want to keep their staff content.
3. Work-life balance is about achieving the right amount of time for work and for personal life. This idea is...