The End of the Greatest

On May 5 of 1821, died Napoleon Bonaparte, the greatest military geniuses in history, he was born in   Ajaccio, on August 15 of 1769 . He was a military and ruling French, republican general during the Revolution and the Directory, the man behind the coup d'état of 18 Brumaire he became First Consul of the Republic on November 11 of 1799, Consul for life from the August 2, 1802, May 18 of 1804 was proclaimed Emperor of the French and crowned on December 2; proclaimed King of Italy on March 18 of 1805 and crowned on May 26, he held both titles until April 6 in 1814 and again from March 20 until June 22 of 1815. Over a period of little more than a decade, gained control of almost all Western and Central Europe by conquest or alliance and it was only after his defeat at the Battle of Nations near Leipzig in October 1813, he was forced to abdicate some months later.

Napoleon was imprisoned and exiled by the British to the island of St. Helena in the Atlantic, July 15th of 1815.. There, with a small group of followers, he dictated his memoirs and criticized his captors. Sick of the stomach for a long time, suffering from a continual heaviness and pain in his right side, doctors believed it was a liver disease, but he immediately suspected he was attacked in the same condition of his father, a Cirrus in the pylorus or stomach cancer, but did not tell anyone until he was sufficiently convinced that it was happening.

However, recent research conducted on samples of hair from the general (cut die shortly after) that had been stored in an empty envelope, revealing that they were impregnated with arsenic to such an extent that dangerously high doses were needed to achieve that concentration.   The latter suggests that it is highly probable that he could die from the poison (which would also be consistent with your symptoms), whether intentionally or not. His last words were: "France, l'armée, Joséphine '(' France, the army, Josephine") or, depending on the version of...