The Elements

Air is by any standard or elementally systematic theory the most important of all the elements, for it is the primary element for sustaining life on earth.   All living thing need a certain type of air to survive, for humans, just minutes without oxygen is certain death and the same can be said for almost every animal. The act of breathing air out of the lungs combined with the slight flex of the muscles in the throat can produces a variety of sounds that we use to communicate everyday.   This act can be used with rhythm to create the vocals for a song, and with the right instruments that can result in a sweet melody or a rhythmic explosion for all to enjoy.   Besides keeping me alive, air is important to me because it plays a significant role in the creation of music.

Earth can be directly linked to existence in that it is the element of substance.   Everything we touch come directly from or is an altered form of earth.   Without earth none of the other elements would have a place to be.   Fire would have nothing to burn therefore would not exist due to lack of fuel; water would have nothing to contain it and air would not be at all due to molecular atrophy.   I myself didn't realize how important or involved earth was prior to the research involved for this assignment; since then I have come to know that earth does not just mean “dirt” but includes metals and the other materials humans create from it like plastic and glass. Even further more than 2/3rds of the periodic table of elements is made up of metals or earth as the great Aristole might call it, that says if nothing else that earth is the most diverse of all the elements.

Of all the elements if I had to pick one to be evil, it would be fire.   I mean when you imagine the worst place conceivable, hell, whether you believe it to be a possible final destination or not you think of an extreme abundance of fire.   Fire's only known ability is to burn, a form of consumption that not only destroys what it uses for...