The Effects of Leadership Behaviors on Employee Engagement Through the Mediation of Well-Being – an Empirical Study of Tourism Sector in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

ABSTRACT (10 points)
GUIDE: Abstract (150-250 words – to explain paper): roughly one sentence each:
 What is the problem?
 Why does it matter?
 How do you conduct the research? Research Methodology
 What did you find?
 How does this change practice (what people in business do), and how does it change research (existing or future)?

GUIDE: You should follow the guidelines below:
 Introduction of study context
 What is the problem and why does it matter?
 What is your Dependent Variables (DV) and what is the context you are studying it in? Also briefly define the DV(s).
 How does studying this DV(s) in this context adequately address the problem?
 What existing theory/theories do you leverage, if any, to pursue this study, and why are these appropriate?
 Briefly discuss the primary contributions/objectives of this study without discussing exact findings.

 Fully define your dependent variable(s) and summarize how it has been studied in existing literature within your broader context (like Information systems, or, Organizations, etc.).
 If you are basing your model on an existing theory/model, use this next space to explain that theory (1 page) and then explain how you have adapted that theory to your study.
 If you are not basing your model on an existing theory/model, then use this next space to explain how existing literature in your field has tried to predict your DV(s).
 Explain what other constructs you suspect will help predict your DV(s) and why. Inclusion of a construct should have good logical/theoretical and/or literature support. For example, “we are including construct xyz because the theory we are basing our model on includes xyz.” Or, “we are including construct xyz because the following logic (abc) constrains us to include this variable lest we be careless”.
 Briefly discuss control variables and why...