The Economic and Environmental Necessity of Cable Granulators

wire recycling machine: China has got breakthrough in the field of recycling metal wires. The innovation of three technologies provides great support for our copper manufacturing industry. These three technologies are continuous casting technology, planetary rolling technology and horizontal continuous casting. The last technology is applicable to the direct use of copper and copper alloy scrap. We change the world and the world repays us scrap. Then how to deal with them? In copper recycling field, we think of many methods and design many machines, but one shows its difference, that is, copper cable granulators.

It is a fact that there are many ways to realize the recycle of copper from copper wire scrap, but not all the methods is of great economic and environmental profit. Copper cable granulators belongs to the right machines for copper wire recycling. Copper wire recycling plays an important role in making up for the shortage of refined copper. How to make full use of copper wire scrap depend on the quality of itself. For those high grade copper scraps, people often reuse them directly while for those low quality copper scrap, practitioners in copper recycling mainly adopts pyrometallurgy to get refined copper. It will be a little mixed and disorderly if we list so many machines. Generally speaking, it has three big system:wet cable recycling system, dry cable recycling system and wet& dry cable recycling system. No matter which system it is, some machines are all needed, including cable granulator, magnetic iron separation, conveyor, separator, etc. The difference of three systems is that wet cable system makes full use of water separation while dry cable system adopts vibrating motor or wind driven sorting machine.
Without right processing method, waste copper cable may pollute the air, soil, and water. Unqualified waste copper cable processing will cause large amount of copper dust floating in the air. If the...