The Devil and Miss Prym

The Devil and Miss Prym
The Inexplicable Truth - Fear
Fear is one of the important themes seen throughout the book. Fear is a feeling that sends terror to a person. It differs from person to person. The author has explored the emotion fear in different characters. Where it is bringing out the strength in one, it is bringing out the weakness in some.
Miss Chantal Prym who comes out to be the one of the strongest characters in the book shows fear.
In the very beginning when she encounters the stranger in the forest he tells her about his challenge that he had brought to this village of Viscos and in the end he gives her a week’s time to tell every villager about his challenge. He also instigates her to take the entire gold and leave the village without anyone knowing about it. After this brief meeting of theirs there is a certain amount of fear that builds up in her mind. Fear that the stranger would ask her to tell everyone about the gold. If she did not do so he would tell them in person and they would possibly choose her as the victim to sacrifice, in a way fearing death. If she took the gold and fled the village she would probably be caught and the gold would be confiscated and her reputation will be on stake. All this fear that she faces I feel brings clarity in her thoughts and helps her to develop her character. After taking into consideration all her fears she finally gets the courage to face the villagers. To further elaborate on this point I would like to quote a line from the text – “They were all – herself included- cowards when the moment comes to change their fate”.   The internal conflict she faces due to the fear, the fear to face life’s challenges gives her the audacity to face the villagers and also prevent them from committing a grave sin. As the stranger says in the end “I forced you to act, to stop complaining about everything and to take a stand”. Now that she has considered and reconsidered her fears she has taken her stand and...