The Destiny of Pakistan Lies in the Hands of Youth

The destiny of any nation, at any given time, depends on the opinions of its young men under five-and-twenty." – Goethe.
If what he said is true then what is the problem with the destiny of Pakistan? Why is its destiny twisting in a whirlpool of troubles though it is a rich country? Yes, I said rich because it is blessed with 63% of its population being youth, a much higher statistic in comparison to other countries. What are the reasons behind Pakistan hurtling further towards a dark age, and what is the role of youth?
The answer is simple and easy, but the solution, in practical terms, is complicated and difficult. Pakistan, since its independence, has been trapped in a deep trench with regard to several issues, as in, Weak economic conditions, poor education system, poverty, less opportunities for employment and development, negative religious and political influence, bad law and order situations, and injustices. These challenges have lured the youth towards radicalization, extremism, child labor, crimes, ignorance, and hatred.
The socio-economic rights of the youth are ignored. The enrollment of students in schools is less than the enrollment of students inside madrassas as some of these are involved in creating extremists and fanatics, some of whom are used as suicide bombers. Child labor is also a big problem. According to (IPEC), out of the 40 million Pakistani children in this age 5-14 years, 3.8 million children in the age group are forced into bonded labour in Pakistan. The future of our youth is being ground in the mill of standards. A large number of youth have no access to their basic needs. They do not have sufficient food to eat or enough clothes to save them from the extreme elements. No health facilities cater to them. Due to unemployment and illiteracy, the youth are becoming habituated in narcotics and crime. The most precious asset of Pakistan is misguided. They are being made to waste their energies on unimportant things. They are being...