The Definition of a Woman

Petrula Aaron

Eng 112/CTW

July 9, 2014

Essay draft #1

What it means to be a Woman

    In society women are expected to play many different roles, and are held to much

Higher standards and expectations than their male counterparts. As a woman you

Are expected to multi task throughout life by being a wife, mother and good house

Keeper.   In the text “ Why I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady.   Brady discusses the many

Unfair roles between men and women in a marriage. In a very repetitive manner,

Brady manages to shed a light on the fact that once you’re a mother and a wife

You give to everyone else (husband, kids) and are never really consider.

        Brady uses a lot of exaggerated examples of how the wife is treated so that one can

See the uneven scale between men and women. Brady states, “ I want a wife who will

Pick up after me”. “ I want a wife who will take care of my physical needs.” A wife who

Will pick up after my children. Nevertheless one can come to the conclusion that Brady is

Trying the portray the woman’s role in a marriage as a slave, and the dominance the

Husband and kids has over the wife.   The list of demands from the husband’s standpoint

Are ridiculous and way too much for one person to be someone’s everything without

Burning out. Women in society are not allowed to think of their personal feelings but

Instead you must put others feelings ahead of your own. Brady states this when she writes

“I want a wife who will not demand sexual attention when I’m not in the mood for it”

In other words when it comes to intimacy it is not about you the (wife) its about the


      Brady leaves you feeling that wives are just possession responsible for doing way too

Much while the husband’s role is to find his place in society and be a good provider

Reaching for his goals and following his dreams, and leaving the pressure of the house

Hold On the woman....