The Davinci Code

‘The DaVinci Code’-Explore the themes of Conspiracy, Drama and Mystery

Conspiracy, Drama and Mystery are three of the main themes in the novel ‘The DaVinci Code’ written by Dan Brown, who shows these themes by using techniques to show the reader detail. Conspiracy is the main theme throughout the whole novel. It is the main theme as most of the parts of the novel revolve around that theme. Drama is the second most used theme throughout the novel, as there is a lot of dramatic parts throughout the novel. Mystery is also used in the novel as the thing the main characters search for provides a sense of mystery in novel towards the reader.

Conspiracy is the most used theme throughout ‘The DaVinci Code’. Some of the parts that involve conspiracy in the novel. One is when Jacque Saunière left some clues to solve who killed him, but as it keeps going through the novel, the reader finds out that it so much more than what is expected. When Jacques Saunière was dying, the author uses techniques to describe what is going on, as “Saunière gazed up at the walls of his opulent prison. A collection of the world’s most famous paintings seemed to smile down on him like old friends.” The author uses imagery to describe the way he is feeling when in his last moments of his life, and how he felt every day when inside of the gallery. As the author uses this technique to engage the reader and keep them reading and wondering what is going to happen next. Another part is the conspiracy that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a baby, which was born into the royal bloodline. When hearing that “Sophie’s parents and ancestors, for protection, had changed their family names of Plantard and Saint-Clair. Their children represented the most direct surviving royal bloodline.”

The second most known theme is Drama. This is known, as pretty much the entire novel is dramatic. As they describe The Eifel Tower “She is the symbol of France. I think she is perfect, Leaders like Napoleon and Pepin the...