The Cruises Steak House in Penang

The Cruises Steak House
Building History
The Logan Heritage on Beach Street used to be the workplace of a prominent lawyer James Richardson Logan in the 1980s. In what is believed to be one of the first heritage landmarks in Penang to be restored through a fully private sector initiative, Logan Heritage stands proudly in the busy Beach Street in George Town. The classy neoclassical commercial structure, which reopened to the public in December 2010 after an intensive year of restoration, was formerly a symbol of hope and justice in the mid-19th century. The historical structure used to be occupied by a lawyer named James Richardson Logan in the 1800s. A lot of people from China and India were over to Malaya during that era to find work and there was no one to defend them or fight their cases when trouble occurred. It was Logan who stepped up to represent many of them. The century-and-a-half-year-old structure, which was known as Logan’s Buildings in the past, contained an inner courtyard and was originally three stories tall. The building was damaged during the Second World War when the Japanese dropped a bomb near Union Street. It was later rebuilt into a two-storey building. On the restoration of Logan Heritage, the original structure of the clay and sea sand building had been retained. The condition of the structure was quite bad. We had a big tree growing out of one side of the building while the timber flooring needed a lot of attention.
Business Background
Located in the heart of George Town and tucked within the historically rich and restored Logan Heritage is where The Cruiser Steak House opened the doors in 2011. This cozy restaurant presents a timeless journey, transporting diners to the doors of exotic destinations through the finds of the owner’s travel escapades. The Cruiser Steak house has since established itself as a purveyor of unique life style concepts, which capture the imaginations of their patrons. The colour of the heritage is cream and...