The Crucible

Task two
These are a couple of poems I wrote for my english class, the first one is in the perspective of Elizabeth as John tells her about his affair, and the other is John's perspective on the whole matter.
I remember that day it was the coldest of seasons
When he came to me and confessed his sins
In my mind I tried only to reason
But my lips didn't know where to begin
I remember his face as he recited the story
All full of anguish and saddness and guilt
I remember his eyes trying hard to ignore me
As my fists clinched tighter onto my quilt
I remember him searching my face for altercation
My eyes cast steadfastly upon the floor
I remember my heart was full of refutation
As he began his slow and steady walk towards the door
Oh John my love my dearest love
Why is it you chose to betray me
I imagine her touch as gentle as a dove
her laugh all full of wicked glee
And dear God I still forgive this man
For in my heart I love him nonetheless
I know all he needs is Your gentle hand
To guide him and offer Your forgiveness
Fallen to the charm of that wicked beauty
I feel the most terrible of guilts now
I try my best to go about my duty
But to wife and God I have broken my vow
My God will you ever forgive this sinner such a wicked deed
I find myself afraid of prayer of church of God so high
Yet I still turn to heaven in my hour of need
All be it with a great and sorrowful sigh
For how oh God could you forgive this pitiful unholy fool
Who is so overcome by the horror of sin
It blackens my soul in a thick unwanted pool
And seems to have no beginning nor any end
And what of my wife so fair and nonjudgemental
She speaks so softly to me and in turn I yell
I try not to be harsh but it's so hard to be gentle
I feel more guilt as I fall deeper into hell
I who waits endless days for a sign of absolution
For my love no... LUST and unforgotten sin
I who's wife is now to hang what a cruel retribution
And now it seems my...