The Crucible Quotes

“She made me do it! She made Betty do it!”
• Speaker: Abigail
• Abigail meant that Tituba is the one who made her and Betty drink the chicken blood after denying it.
• This quote is of great importance because it’s the first clam/proof made against Tituba that she’s a witch.
• What is actually being said: “Tituba made me drink blood. She also made Betty drink blood. She’s the witch, not me!”
• The plot is affected because now the eyes of all the witch hunters are upon Tituba instead of Abigail and Betty.
• This shows us that Abigail would do anything to get out of the dilemma of getting punished for witchcraft because the consequences of witchcraft are very harsh.
o Death
• The perception of Reverend Hail, Tituba, Reverend Parris and the rest is changed because at first they thought she was a witch and now they think of her as a girl who has been charmed by Tituba. And that she is very courageous to confess that Tituba is the “witch.”
“She sends her spirit on me in church; she makes me laugh at prayer!”
• Speaker: Abigail
• Abigail meant that the reason she laughs at church is because Tituba sends her spirit on her in church.
• This quote is also of great importance because it’s the second clam that proves Tituba is a “witch.”
• What’s being said here is, “Tituba is a witch! She sends her evil spirit on me and that causes me to laugh in church.”
• The plot is affected here because now Reverend Hail and the rest are starting to believe Abigail because she has given 2 reasons proving the Tituba is a witch.
• This also shows us that Abigail would risk anything so she would not be accused of witchcraft.
• The perception here changes because now Reverend Hail and Reverend Parris, believe that Abigail is innocent and did not have control over herself. And it was Tituba’s spell that led Abigail and the rest of girls into the forest.
“Mister Reverend, I do believe somebody else be witchin’ these children.”
• Speaker: Tituba
• Tituba meant that she’s...