The Crock

‘What’s the matter with the Crock’

Mr Crocker- Harris is a man with a very distraught life. He has many problems at work and at home.
To start with, his wife is consistently horrible to him and doesn’t love him at all. She sees him as a man with no heart and   she never shows any kind emotion to him. Also, she has had many affairs with many masters from the school and worse, she tells Andrew about them all. Andrew relises that all Millie wants is not the emotion love ,but physical love(‘Two kinds of love. Hers and mine’)
At school things go very bad for him as well. When Andrew talks to the Headmaster he is told that he is not going to get a pension because he is not old enough to have the privaledge of one, despite the fact that a teacher much younger that him, got one(’I put your case to them as well as I could, but they decieded, with great regret, they couldn’t make another exception.’).   The actual reason that the last teacher got a pension was because he was far more admired,(‘the governers recieved a petition from boys, old boys and parents’) so Andrew would have felt deeply hurt by this action of the Headmaster and the Governers of the school.
After the Headmaster has told him this, he then tells him that on speech day he should not speek last in case of an anti-climax. Normally it is the leaving teacher who has been at the school for the longests right to speak last, but there is a considerably younger teacher who is leaving too. Mr Fletcher, the younger teacher, because he is more popular and will get a longer round of applause, is going to speak after him(‘applauding Fletcher for several minutes and yourself say for well not quite so long’). This, to Andrew must be devastating because he is then shown by the Headmaster that nobody likes him and that Mr Fletcher is more liked throughout the school. To add to his life that is slowly deteriating, the Headmaster asked Millie first if Andrew would mind if he didn’t speak last and, knowing that he would...