The Construction of Age

The Linguistic Construction of Age.

Mataram University
Jl. Majapahit No. 62, Mataram 83125, Indonesia.

Abstract : This response paper is explored the linguistic construction of age in sasak Kawo village communities. Even there are many small villages in central of lombok very unique to investigate due to express their languages within civililizing on their culture. Therefore, today by appearance of their unique languge use in sasak communities especially in the small village which is called by Kawo sasak communities is interesting one to write. As commonly terms of language through communication by human being in the world to send the whole things as messeges to each others. Thus, people in the Kawo village are used their first language as habitus ways to show their respect or the politeness that words itself on the social members’ interaction. For an example, in practicing “verb” they   are always decided to use lingistic construcion of age by always add suffix /–z/ into the last letter vowel on the verb used order in the particular situations.      
Keywords: Linguistic Construction, Verb, Age and Kawo Sasak Communities.
Introduction: Many people in the world in terms to show their politeness in various ways means by used multilingual and sometimes variety used of gestures. Relate to these situations “politeness”, people are showed their abilities to find out what are they needed somehow into many ways to get their purpose during the situations toward others at social interactions. As Jenkins 1996, Eckert 2000, and a host of others have argued, the construction of social identity and community is about the making of meaning (Qing Zhang : 26:2005). In concidering with these case, there is no wrong with languages used for an interaction and communication because that is a habitus among normal beings. Furthermore, politeness is a way of negotiating and demonstrating awareness of social position...