The Conscience of Huckelberry Finn

Based on my understandings, virtue ethics has been described as follow; " the true moral law says "hate not, "instead of kill not". The only mode of stating the moral law must be as a rule of character. My interpretation of this is, people of good character and virtue require no reminder of what the rules are or what their duty is. According to Aristotle, the imperatives of virtue ethics are; be patient, be kind, be compassionate, be courageous, charm, intelligence, sincerity, trust, credibility and having honesty that will better equip an individual to negotiate the obstacles of the moral life.
            All of which King David possessed from the above mention qualities. King David was known to be a man of high moral qualities which lead him successfully to human excellence as a leader. However King David got caught up in a downward spiral of unethical decisions that had grave consequences for both his personal life and the organization he was called upon to lead and protect. David was a man of principle until he decided to abandon all of it plus more. His failure of leadership came from lack of focus, manipulation , abuse of power and having this arrogant attitude " we beat the system" in trying to cover up his wrong doing. Due to his personal and organizational success, it allowed him as a leader to become complacent where he lost focus on organizational decision making and diverted his attention to less important things. ( His character matches up to Aristotle moral qualities, however the ethics he displayed as a leader was poor and very much unethical which lead him to abandoned his principles more in the wake of success than in the face of competitive pressure.
                Far too often the leaders who have been accused and convicted of violations are men and woman of generally strong principle who has built careers based more on service than self-gratification.   However in the moment of them seemingly "having it all" due to greed and selfishness they...