The Concept of Conflict

The conflict has always existed in the teams and organizations at workplace for a long time ago. In many circumstances, conflict encourages the development of processes but sometime it also creates the undesirable outcomes. This raises the question “what is needed to minimize the effect of conflict in working environment?”. The aim of this report is to analyze the process of conflict within the project team member through the case study “the Poisoned Chalice”.
According to literature theories from textbooks and journals, it highlights the main reasons that lead to the invisible conflicts in Joseph’s department. This consists of firstly, the conflicts between two teams which he is leader. For example, they were highly antagonistic toward each other in the meetings as well as having wrong understanding about the project objective.   Secondly, the conflicts were existing inside project members because of the variety of personal characteristics and working styles in this organization. Lastly, the conflict resolution is part of the responsibility of managers. These incidents had negative effects in terms of resolving conflicts.      

There are some recommendations for Joseph being made:
  * The method of communication and compromising should be applied to resolve conflict among the project team and other groups.
  * Mediation and arbitration are the most appropriate solution for his situation.
  * In addition, incentive system in individual motivation theory should be considered in order to encourage team member achieve the successful target.
  * Some outdoor activities or picnics should be organized to increase the level of interaction among members in the organization.
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