The Clash of Civilization

The Clash of Civilizations informs that world politics is entering a new phase. It is his hypothesis that the “fundamental source of conflict in the New World will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic.” Samuel P. Huntington indicates that a civilization is the broadest level to which anyone belongs and identifies with and must share something like religion, culture, language, race, etc. with the other people of its same civilization. In history, the desire for territory and supremacy expansion was the main cause for wars. The differences between civilizations are now causing many problems and future will develop into a major factor that causes wars. The author considers there are some basic reasons that explain why the clash of civilizations will become the cause for wars in the future.

There are numerous types of religions and each religion has its own beliefs and convictions to them are very convinced of what their religion teaches to them. Because of this, differences between religions cause a clash between the beliefs of people and as we know, this has provoked many wars during history. This is causing Non-Western countries to feel somehow the necessity to become superior to the West and will try through any means to modernize without westernizing in order to become competitive. Besides, this difference is causing hatred towards the West. Something also very important in this problem is the difficulty to end cultural differences.

“A country can modify its ideology and convert from communism to capitalism per Huntington;” however, culture is something that is impossible to be changed. You cannot revolutionize people from one religion to another or to transform their races to make them common. This is why; a clash between civilizations will be the cause for future wars and will be something incredibly intricate to resolve. An obvious example of this is the double standard that the UN is applying. Non-Western countries believe this...