The Cherokee Tribe and Their Nation

The Cherokee Pride and Their Nation
Kevin R. Williford
Kenneth Shelly

This is an interpretation of the wrongs done to the Cherokee Nation.   Even though this Indian Nation reluctantly welcomed the European intruders.   They still overcame and adapted to what the Europeans thought of as, “Civilizing savages.”   The Europeans coming from a culture, which they considered sound and civilized, came to a continent that they were inept, unprepared, and unequipped to deal with the elements.   The following will cover information of Chief John Ross and his role with the Cherokee, how the Europeans came to take over their nation, and it will touch on the Trail of Tears.   This shows how the Cherokee endured such devastating conditions on the trail and how they overcame and moved forward.
What happened to the Cherokee’s was a result of how they were they treated in such a fashion and the motivation behind the perpetrators actions.   The Europeans came to the East coast to what would become the United States.   What they brought along with them during the early 1500s, after contemplating, their wrongs could contribute to the end of their society to cohabitate with the Cherokee, for their own gain and control. The Europeans were not prepared for the harshness of the climate and rugged terrain.   Out of a few hundred settlers only a hand full survived the harsh winter and lack of food to return home to Europe.  
Chief John Ross and his role in the Cherokee Nation.   His contribution to this nation was that he stood up for them and fought for their rights.   He was a very good speaker in defending the Cherokee Nation.   When Andrew Jackson passed a law for the removal of the Cherokee off their land, John Ross fought for them.   He obtained permission for the government to back off this issue.   The Government later decided to pass the Removal Act and this became the beginning of the Trail of Tears.
These Europeans when first showing up in the 1500s, they stayed...