The Charge of the Light Brigade

What attitude does Tennyson show towards war in “The charge of the Light Brigade” Compare this with the attitude shown by Owen towards war in “Dulce et Decorum Est”
The Charge of the Light Brigade” is about battle and the death of soldiers, and the experience of war. Tennyson´s poem celebrates the glory of war, despite the fact that, because of an error of judgement someone had blundered, six hundred soldiers were sent to their death because of the awful mistake, the poet uses a lot of repetition from the first verse to the last, in this poem there are 6 verses which have short but effective sentences, repetition, metaphors and rhetorical questions.

In the first verse Tennyson uses repetition “Half a league half a league half a league” the use of repetition s firstly to show how far the soldiers galloped to the Russians, perhaps it could be the sound of the soldier’s heartbeat as they ride to their death. The nest bit of repetition “ All in the valley of Death” “Rode the six hundred” the “ valley of death”   seems to suggest there was no escape from where they where heading , the writer is slowly building up meaning repetition, this could be a reference to Psalm 23 which says that God is with you in your hour of Death. Further on Tennyson uses the word “Charge” as it is a powerful verb “Charge for the guns” the poet uses powerful verbs such as this one because the soldiers where not ask to fight with the Russians they where ordered to do so they have to do as they are told I think the writer was trying to show a strong demand strong and powerful. The poet here uses repetition once again “Rode the six hundred” the word “Rode” is another powerful verb gives the impression that they ride to their death, I think that the poet uses this word because Tennyson has had no experience in a war even thou he talks about the soldiers feeling and what they are doing as if he was there.

Further more in the second verse the poet uses a rhetorical question   “ Was there a man...