The Character of Bottom the Weaver in a Midsummer Nights Dream

Bottom the weaver is an incompetent character of the A Midsummer Nights Dream play but he is not a fool,   he is exuberant and full of energy with an alarming lack of self-consciousness, who is part of an unprofessional and enthusiastic group of actors called the Mechanicals. The Mechanicals are part of the large group of hopefuls that want to perform their play called “Pyramus and Thisbe” for the Duke of Athens, Theseus and his fiancé Hippolyta’s wedding. Bottom provides a considerable amount of   humour within the play as he is personally unaware of himself and is very arrogant   and conceited which will lead him into trouble and embarrassment.

Bottoms arrogance is greatly shown throughout Shakespeare’s play especially at the time when Peter Quince is announcing what part each actor shall play. At first Bottom shows that he is very controlling by ordering Quince to “say what the play treats on; then read the names of the actors; and so grow to a point” this implies that Bottom is very enthusiastic about the play and shows clearly that he doesn’t care about the others but he just wants to know what part he is to play. This also shows that he is not considerate towards the other actors in the group and lowers their self-esteem by correcting them playing their parts in his loud voice. One reason for doing this is to be centre of attention as always. .

Once Bottom finds out that he will be playing the part of Pyramus he becomes very keen on knowing the personality of the character Pyramus and asks “What is Pyramus? A lover or a tyrant?” and is very happy to hear that he is “a lover that kills himself, most gallant, for love”. This is very good news for Bottom as we have already learnt that he adores being the centre of attention. This theory is proven right as once he finds out he is playing such an vital role he raises a commotion and starts practising at once in his booming voice, “the raging rocks, and shivering shocks, shall break the locks of prison gates,...