The Cave

Renaldo Phillip Prof Eli
In our mind we all start out in a cave. In our world as children we base our lives on that which is told to us by our parent, teachers, and anyone else that tell us information. From birth we were implanted with several information that we find to be truths such as religion, cultures and what’s moral and what’s immoral. Now just imagine one day finding out everything that you have ever been told and believed was absolutely wrong. It’s like living a dream an finally being awoken to reality since your dream is what you perceive as reality, the real world would be perceived as a distorted reality. It would be hard to come to the understanding that all you ever known was a lie. As children we are like the prisoners in the cave chained up accepting what we see. We go to school and as the men in the cave go by what we see and hear. Most likely as children we probably question what we see and hear but still accept it as truth just as the prisoners accepted whatever images they saw on the wall or heard from around them. Society molds us as children because just as the prisoner we are uneducated we know only w hat we are made to see. In this phase it’s like hearing an animal growling and has the appearance of a dog as we progress more in life we will come to learn that just because it looked and sounded like a dog doesn't mean it always is, in fact we come to learn it was a wolf. As uneducated people we try and make sense for what isn't understood. It’s like whatever we hear or see we believe to be reality and the one and only truth.

We like the world as we know it as human we are afraid of change. We grow so accustom to the behavior of our daily life so we find change to be terrifying. Just like the prisoner was being freed, we are blinded by all this new revelation. We take the light or information in slowly. I’m sure as a kid your parents and society convinced you that there was a fat white guy named Santa Claus that...