The Catcher in the Rye

Catcher in the Rye Review Questions: Robin Sutcliffe 10C

Chapter 1.

1. What is unusual about the opening of Chapter 1?   What is your first impression of Holden Caulfield? (1)

Chapter 1 can be read from the end of chapter 26 through to the end of the book (You can begin at chapter 26 and read through and everything will read the same) My first impression of Holden is that he is a bit lazy because he will not apply himself.

2. What is "this crumby place" that Holden refers to? (1)

The crumbly place Holden refers to is his school, Pencey Prep.

3. What do we learn about DB? (1)

DB, Holdens older brother, turned down a career in literature because he wanted the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. We also lean that Holden has little respect for him.

4. What did Holden like about Selma Thurmer? (2)

Holden likes the fact that she does not shower her father (The Headmasters daughter) because she doesn’t shower her father with praise. She is also a bit unattractive and slightly pathetic.

5. Why was Holden late for the football game? (3)

Holden is head of the fencing team, and he left the foils on the train while they were on their way to a meet with another school and they were late getting back. His sudden unpopularity means that he does not attend the big football game because he does not want to get shunned away.

6. Why did Holden have to leave Pencey Prep? (3)

Holden has flunked out of Pency Prep passing only one of his five classes, English. But Holden didn’t enjoy the school much anyway so it isn’t really a major loss for him.

Chapter 2

7. Why does Holden call on Mr Spencer? (7)

He wants to say goodbye before he leaves Pency Prep, Holden seems close to Mr. Spencer and his wife, Holden does show respect for Mr. Spencer.

9. What upsets Holden when he sees Mr Spencer? (7)

Mr. Spencer’s sickness seems to upset Holden, he is also upset when Mr. Spencer grills him about his future and his time at Pency Prep.

10. What...