The Cat Is Not in the Hat

The Cat is Not in the Hat
Dr. Seuss is a legend among children books from “Oh the Places You’ll Go” to “If I Ran the Zoo.” Nearly all of his works are classics and still read to this day. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about the movies based on his books and Hollywood has produced some of the biggest stinkers as a result. What’s the worst Dr. Seuss movie? The one based on his most famous book, “The Cat in the Hat.” Even mentioning this movie can make one’s flesh crawl because it is just that horrid, not even worth watching to make fun of it. People say “It’s a simple kids story, how awful could a movie be?” that’s easy to explain. The Cat in the Hat (2003) falls into every pitfall trap that mars kid’s movies, especially ones based of books. From terrible acting, to pop culture references, to way too adult jokes this movie is a treasure trove of clichés one should not do when making a movie. Basically, The Cat in the Hat endeavors to profit off the famous story by loosely following the source material, adding in numerous clichés and references in an effort to relate to the time it was released.
The story starts in the town of Anville and focuses on the Walden family, the single-mother Joan (Kelly Preston), the trouble-maker Conrad (Spencer Breslin), and the rule oriented Sally (Dakota Fanning). Their tale begins at Hummerfloob Real Estate and shows Joan working away until she is reminded by her boss (Sean Hayes) that the company community gathering is at her house tonight. She promptly leaves to finalize her house in a clean and orderly fashion, also because her boss is a germaphobe, to find her son being disorderly and messing up the house with her daughter just idly watching. After a stern talk with her son (and cleaning up the house) her boyfriend, Lawrence Quinn (Alec Baldwin) appears to check up on Joan. Conrad thinks that Lawrence, or as he likes to call “Larry,” is no good for his mom and he is strengthened further into this belief when he...