The Castle

Steve Kerrigan, the middle son, an amateur inventor and "ideas man"
The Castle (Sitch 1997) was released in Australia in 1997. It is the first feature from the team behind the highly successful television series Frontline. The story is narrated by the son Dale Kerrigan (Stephen Curry) and tells the story of the working class Kerrigan family, who live in a lower class dwelling in Melbourne adjacent to the main airport and near to high voltage power lines. His father Darryl (Michael Caton) is a tow truck driver and a man who is committed to his family in every respect. Sal (Anne Tenney) is the mother who is just as devoted to the family and has a love for cooking and craft. The rest of the family includes Steve (Anthony Simcoe), a guy who is always looking for a bargain in the "Trading Post" and is referred to as the "idea’s man", by his father. Tracey (Sophie Lee) is the daughter and most highly educated of the family, as she is a qualified hairdresser. That just leaves Wayne (Wayne Hope), the brother who is doing time for robbery.
The Kerrigans’ world is running along happily until Darryl receives a visit from a real estate assessor who does a valuation on the house. Soon after, Darryl receives a letter stating that the house has been compulsorily acquired to make way for airport extensions. Darryl is not at all happy with this as he feels that "his house is his home, his castle", and decides to fight the decision. When ‘heavies’ come knocking at his door he bands together with his fellow neighbours and enlists the help of small time lawyer Dennis Denuto (Tiriel Mora) who is hopelessly out of his league to try to win the case. Along the way the Kerrigans visit their favourite holiday spot "Bonnie Doon," which turns out to be a stark landscape with a lake in the middle and high voltage power lines running across it. The whole family comes along, including Tracy’s new husband Con (Eric Bana) which acts to re-emphasize the loving bond within the family.
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