The Castle

And some stuff I've probably posted before, both pos and neg:

“Can you quit pretending to be on my side” – Municipal Office

“When one of us comes back from overseas, it’s only a quick walk home” + global presents – Sal

This is an example of the individual. Of how the individual has the guts to shove it right up those people who think they can stand on top of you.” - Darrell

When Darrell is on the phone, and he cannot hear the caller on the other end – plane

Greece => Con or Lebanon => Farouk – Global in the community

Non-digenic Australian sound effects at start => local

Aeroplane and house juxtaposed in the same shot. Close-up on “International”

“The only thing dad like’s more than Hey Hey It’s Saturday, is The Best of Hey Hey It’s Saturday” - Narrator

Bonny Doon => power lines in montage

“You can’t buy what I’ve got” - Darrell

A melancholy non-digenic guitar, combined with pan shots of photographic memories

Laurie - global. Late, he sits at the Kerrigan family dinner table & photos of him appear in house

Mise en scene of family table – local

“Can you move the Camira. I need to get the Torana out, so I can get to the commodore” – Darrell

House built on a lead landfill – global dangers

“Their acquiring it compolsolory [sic]” - Darrell

“Federal, I just do small stuff” “I’m not qualified” – Dennis (Lawyer)

Darrell values the individual => Thanks his wife for cooking

Bonny Doon => “Bet they don’t have places like this in Thailand”

In Beirut; planes fly overhead; drop bombs. I like these planes” Farouk, a global refugee

“You know why they get there way. Cause people don’t stand up to them” Darrell

The Castle => worth defending

Global steals land from Darrell, like Mabo

Low angle on Judge & High Court. Juxtaposed. Low angle on Darrell when he wins.

Darrell interacts well with local policeman, but not global law.

Cheaper to pull down local houses than fill in quarry. Darrell is bribed. Global =>...