The Castle

A play is the act of performing or the state of being performed in front of an audience. Plays can be used to explore ideas and express the option of the play writer. To draw   the audience into the world of the play the play writer uses   visual techniques such as , lighting, sound, stage setting, costume and makeup, gestures and mime, along with language techniques and the use of themes and the scene of the play.
The play writer Louis Nowra draws his audience into the world of the play with the use of many of the theatrical techniques previously discussed. He is very effective in creating characters on stage who we empathise with. The audience is cleverly manipulated by Nowra to identify Lewis’s problems as he tries to meet the challenge of directing the patients in “Cosi Fan Tutte”. The In the first scene Nowra uses the effect of lighting techniques “pitch black inside”, the lights are then turned on and “a chink of daylight enters” this use of lighting helps create suspense within the theatre drawing the audience towards the characters as they enters the building. Nowra with the use of the sound technique then uses silence on page 2 “the lights go on. A dismal hall is revealed. A silence as they stare at one another.” Show confusion between the characters, influencing the audience to think and draw their thoughts into the play.
Also In the first scene Nowra creates dramatic tension as he introduces Lewis to all the main characters such as Doug who is very rude, sarcastic and intrusive “that’s deep, but it would be good, wouldn’t it? Throwing rocks at cops, overturing cars, smashing barricades, burning houses”. This leaves the audience thinking what is going to happen next. Early in the play Roy appears to be a very full-on character, dominant personality, enthusiastic about producing “Cosi”. He refers to Lewis as “Jerry” he sees himself as Dean Martin.   Roy is pushy and doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, “come on Jerry, let’s get this show on the road.”...