The Cask of Amontillado

Jon Ort
Dr. Camp
ENGL 1020
12 July 2012

The Cask of Amontillado
The story of The Cask of Amontillado is told from the perspective of the character Montresor. Montresor has seemed to have gone insane due to some action of mischief his friend, Fortunato has put upon him. Montresor proceeds to find Fortunato and tricks him into coming into his family catacombs where in Fortunato’s drunken stupor Montresor chains him into a niche in a wall and proceeds to seal him inside by bricking a wall over the entrance. As the reader precedes though the story you see as Montresor goes from extremely angry to completely insane.
At the beginning of the story the reader finds themselves listening to the ramblings of Montresor on how time and time again Fortunato has wronged him and how Montresor shall take no more of his mischief and will have revenge. From what the reader can tell the mischief of Fortunato is minor at best due to no additional information on his trickery. Thus at best the reader can conclude that most likely Montresor has been the butt of several of Fortunato harmless practical jokes. This is the start of the reader seeing Montresor slipping from an angry friend into an insane psychopath.
Montresor knows of Fortunato’s weakness to wine and takes advantage of this by locating him at the carnival. He then proceeds to deceive and tempt Fortunato with the hints that he has a nice bottle of wine that he has hidden away at his estate. Making Fortunato very eager to enjoy this wine, Fortunato obliges and begins to follow Montresor to his shadowy estate. As the reader gets further into the story the reader sees how Montresor is going great lengths to keep Fortunato coming and interested. This shows a great deal of conniving and deceit on Montresor’s part.
As they enter Montresor’s estate, Fortunato starts beginning to show issues with his health, yet as they continue the reader notices how much planning has gone into this night,. The manor is completely empty...