The Business

Coopers Estate Agent

Coopers Estate Agent is a sole trader based in West-London and is one of the top estate agents in the country (their also rated the number one estate agent in Middlesex). Coopers, have been around for over 20 years and have been contributing to the community with they’re professionalism and they’re services. Their staff are well trained to provide the best quality service to their clients with their customer care. Coopers have survived challenging and problematic times in the country and have survived the recession due to the quality of their customer service. As an estate agent their target market is home buyers and adults, so they’ve definitely pleased their hearts or else they wouldn’t have survived the recession.  

I have carried out different methods of research into Coopers customer services, such as primary and secondary. The primary research is an advantage as the information we have gathered is up to date. From him, we gathered information about the background of the business to the existing and methods and ways to see how effective it is.   The advantages of this interview is that the information we gathered is reliable and is tailed to our needs but mainly it’s up to date. Another primary research technique we did was a questionnaire. This gave us a view on the customer’s point of the business and their thoughts and feeling. It’s also a way of analysing there customer services methods and it doesn’t make this investigation into Coopers customer service biased.
The other method of research I carried out was secondary. I researched on the internet about Coopers and its business. It was much faster and less time consuming which was an advantage compared to the interview, however the information I gathered from the internet may not be that reliable and up to date like the interview. Overall, the method of research I prefer is the interview, due to the fact that’s is reliable and up to date and it given me a lot of vital...