The Book of Luke

The book of Luke is consisted of narrative stories, sermons, prophets, and lessons of Jesus Christ when he was on the earth as a human. He is the son of God, YWHW. It is written by Luke, so it’s named Luke. The book was written to witness the being of Jesus Christ, and deeds that was done by HIM. In the time of Herod King of Judea, Elizabeth and Zechariah was living in Abijah, though they were righteous, they had no child since Elizabeth couldn’t bear a baby. One day an angel came down to earth and told that “you are going to conceive, his name is John; he will be joy of you” Zechariah couldn’t believe this, but it did happen. During the Elizabeth’s pregnancy, angel Gabriel was sent to a virgin named Mary who pledged to marry Joseph. And Later on, Luke was born, and grew well and he became strong in spirit. His father, Zechariah praised the lord. At Bethlehem the town of David, baby Jesus Christ the Messiah was born.
Jesus was tested in the wilderness by the devil. Then he started to sermon at Nazareth, but many people denied him. “Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown.” Said Jesus, to the people. All the people got furious when they heard this. After that, Jesus drives out impure spirits out of the human bodies. And did a lot of miracles. “Be quiet! Come out of him!” then the demon threw the man down before them, and they got no injured. Not only this, Jesus healed a lot of people. That was the time that Jesus called his first disciples. Simon was a fisherman, he was suspicious of what he’s saying, but followed that, then he could catch a huge number of fish that their nets were broken. And also Jesus healed a man with leprosy. “Be clean!” that was enough to realize. His words are powerful and does have its ability to make it happen. And he did forgive and healed a paralyzed man, saying “Your sins are forgiven” then he calls Levi and eats with Sinners, and questioned about fasting. One of those days, he called his disciples to him and...