The Body Shop Csr

“The Body Shop®” which is also known as The Body Shop International plc; is the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world. Currently, they are operating with over 2400 stores in 61 different countries all over the world. Since Anita Roddick began her extraordinary journey, “The Body Shop®” has passed 30 glorious years with pioneering a simple business idea that "Businesses Have The Power to Do Good" which led to the birth of the original, ethical cosmetics company.
This immense sustainability and success of “The Body Shop®” has only been possible because of their single Honest Mission Statement.
“There is only one way to beautiful — Nature's Way”
“The Body Shop®” does not claim its products are 'all-natural', but "inspired by nature". Each and every “The Body Shop®” products have such ingredient within them which are highly chemical-avoided and nature inspired.
“The Body Shop®” has been operating based on some missions which are described in the following section.
Business Mission
“The Body Shop®” operates on the belief that business has every potential to make the right kind of difference to the society as well as the world. Their principles highly encourage the customers around the world to become “activist”, simply by choosing from their huge range of products. The owner Anita Roddick demands “activism” as one of their product ingredients.
Product Mission
Constantly sought out wonderful natural ingredients from every corner of the world and bring the customers the right product that enhances consumers’ natural beauty and while doing all these, “The Body Shop®” also strives to protect the environment and people live within it.

Social Mission  
To operate the business operation in such a way that improves the quality of life for all the stakeholders related to it including employees, society, suppliers and so on.
CSR at “The Body Shop®”    
"The Body Shop®" is very much active in the CSR sector. According to them,...