The Body Language

The body language

Nobody can ever disagree with the fact that people are different. I can confidently say that you can never find someone exactly like you. This is actually why people have to communicate, as if u only talk to people like you, you will never learn anything new. Here comes a question, are the spoken words our only way of communication? Gladly I will say no. Actually, there is another language that all of us use, but unfortunately not all of us understand its meanings. This language is called “The body language”. What is the body language, what does it tell us, and why do we have to know how to use if we all already have another spoken language? This is what I am going to inform you about.
First, what is the body language? Sometimes your body makes non-verbal movements to communicate, this is the body language. Most researchers show that these movements are made by your subconscious mind, which means unintentionally. How can this language be useful for us? As I said, your body makes it unintentionally, which means that you can actually get what people mean instead of getting what they say. It also helps to know how people feel, because feelings are 55% body language,38% tone and only 7% words. What else can I know from the body language? This might interest you as teenagers. For example,   a lot of teenagers date and take it seriously and hope to spend the rest of their life with the person they love, but how can you know if the person you are dating is honest or not? The body language helps you in this field when it tells you about certain movements that your date might make, and what do they actually mean. This includes the eyes condition, as they actually can tell you if the person likes you by looking at him in the eyes, and also how honest are they to you. Another thing is that some of you might have a job, or will get a job soon as you move to collage. Fitting your boss’s requirements is not enough, you have to persuade him with what you can...