The Blind Side

My Movie Critique of The Blind Side
English 225: Introduction to Film
February 2, 2014

Some people may feel that if a movie wins an academy award that it is a great movie because the film critics have experience, the film critics are paid professionals, and also that the film critics decide which movies are nominated for an academy award so the movie must be good.
But this is where many people beg to differ regarding the film critic’s reviews on a particular film.
In some cases, if a film critic decides that a movie is good, not every movie goer will feel the same way. I have sat and listened to Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert as they either praised or destroyed a film.
Whenever I chose to go and view a film they have given their customary thumbs up to I would normally not enjoy the film. It is possible that I did not see the same things within a film as they did as it was evident that I was not viewing the film in the same manner as a film critic by looking for camera angles, editing, or frames. All that I cared about was escaping for a couple of hours and receiving some enjoyment from the movie.  
Some people feel that this is a special time for film criticism. Never before have more people been able to express their views about a film. Being a film critic was once a profession, but it’s not a job any longer and there is not a huge financial gain by doing so.

However, this opens the door for those who want to critique a film and also provides the chance for those who really care about movies and enjoy expressing themselves a forum in which to do so. Anyone with access to a computer needs only to use their internet connection in order to begin their reviews of movies. Many people are given the opportunity to write long and often expert posts on such sites as IMDb, Amazon, Rotten Tomatoes and in the comment threads of blogs. (Ebert, 2010)
So I wondered what took to be a good film critic? So I read the description of one film critic Chris Vognar’s...