The Black Beauty

Black Beauty was born in a kind farmer’s stable. He had a pure blood-relation, and was black all over, with the only exception of his right foot and a small mark on his forehead in the shape of star. His first owner was a rich man who evoked all his noble characters like loyalty, bravery, wittiness, perseverance, kindness. That period was the happiest time in his life: getting good cares, having his master’s full attention. After that he was sold six times and most of its owners made him do laborious work, the only award he got was torture and abandonment. No matter how terrible the codition was, Black Beauty always bore the misery silence by himself, because he always hold the faith that life would become better some day. And at last, he met the stableman who had taken care of him when he was a pony.   He survived because of his determined belief and perseverance.
       The author Anna Sewell, she was a crippled girl who had strong passion for horses. She was dissatisfied with those who abused animals, therefore she wrote the book in order to to induce kindness, sympathy to horses. It took her six years to finish her writing and it was the only book she had ever written. Unfortunately, Sewell died a few months after publication and never knew about the book's huge success. The novel portrayed the real condition of working horses during the Victorian Era. Sewell told the story through the first-person narrative voice of a horse. This innovative personification of an animal made the book a real success. This rhetoric skill is widely applied to animated films today.

Black Beauty’s experience revealed how poorly the horses were treated by humans. Having read this book, we come to know all animals have feelings of pain and love, they deserve our kindness, sympathy and understanding. Currently,people around the world often call demonstration to protest against hunting, whaling and excessive exploitation of rain forest. But some heinous facts can’t be ignored. There...