The Better Side of April Raintree

The Better Side Of April Raintree

Helen Keller once said, “when one door of happiness closes another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.“ The key to not only surviving, but also thriving in extreme circumstances is not to give up, but to keep ongoing because in the end it`ll all be worth it. There are many events that occur during the novel (Beatrice Cullen April Raintree) that might make you lose hope but even when Cheryl dies, April finds hope, and promises to continue. April had people in her life that truly loved her and were by her side that believed in her, and that cared for her. She found a job at a law estate office as a secretary where she meets Roger and later on marries Bob. She finally welcomes her aboriginal heritage and finds hope in the end. April Raintree overcoming the challenges that face her makes this a triumphant story.
April was loved by a handful of individuals throughout her life. The entire Dion`s family really cherished and watched over April, she was accepted, adored and appreciated there. The Dion's truly had a great life set up for April to become the best person she could be, they also did a good job of just loving her. Mrs. Dion proves that when she says, "We all love very much, April. When life seems unbearable, remember there is always a reason. April you`re a very special person. Always remember that. “(24) Mrs. Dion gave April uplifting words that she can clutch in her heart forever. Mrs. Gauthier, April's teacher reads Aprils English assignment about her experiences and she says the most beautiful words ever, "I believe the story...“(61). It was truly a very happy moment in April's life when she hears these words since that was everything she needed somebody to listen to her and trust in her and at last, it had all paid off. During the beginning of spring break in 1967, April was assigned a new social worker named Mr. Wendell.
When April was...