The Best Ways to Measure Poverty

The Best Ways To Measure Poverty

Brían Murphy

Michelle Millar

There are several recognized ways of measuring poverty. In the following text I will outline the ways which I believe are the best ways to measure poverty. Poverty is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with in society and it can cause many problems. Problems such as Money debt, educational problems and health problems are majors factors that can contribute to the downfall of equality in society.
We can see how poverty is a hard problem to solve due to its tendency to operate in a cycle, which is hard to get out of once it starts. If a person is born into a poverty stricken background it makes it a lot harder for that person to become successful, therefore making it easier and more probable that the person in question will remain poor and that his/her children will also be born into a less fortunate and poor background just as the parent was. The cycle of poverty occurs because people’s status and incomes are largely determined by their paid employment. Employment prospects are determined by educational credentials. Educational attainment and achievement/success are closely related to social background. The ESRI has set up a scheme to help make education more accessible to the poor. The “Investing in Education: Combating Educational Disadvantage” scheme was set up in 2009 and has made an effort to make education an equally achievable ambition for both rich and poor.
In order for poverty to be measured certain things must be looked at. Firstly one must understand and uncover what the level of relative poverty is in Ireland. This form of poverty is also known as income poverty. One is included in this category of poverty is he/she has an income below 60% of the median income in Ireland. In 2006, that was any income below €202.49. The government defined...